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The BodyPatch™ instantly reveals your nutrient level. Stick it, get sweat, then peel it off and scan the patch’s emergent colour pattern with your smartphone camera. We created hybrid technology that quickly and effectively detects nutrient imbalances using a smartphone, even at home.

Instant Results

You Don't Need to Book GP Appointment or Wait for Results From Laboratory.


The Price of One Test is 10 Times Less Than Blood Test.*

User Friendly

No Blood or Urine Samples were Involved.

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Why it's important for you?

Besides sleep and exercise, the right balance of vitamins and nutrients is one of the bases for a healthy well-being and great results in the Gym.

The right balance of vitamins also:
Keep Healthy Your Nails, Hairs and Skin
Keep Good Mood and Prevent Anxiety
Keep on High Level Your Fertility
Keep You Focused and Vigorous

How does it work?

Taking Nutrient Test Is Easier Than Ever

BodyPatch™ is replacing old routine with technologically enhanced sweat test plasters.
Stick It To Your Body
Get Sweat
Peel it off
Scan it and Get instant results
Order vitamins from favourite shops
Save and Track Your Results

What It Actually Does?

Built for Athletes by Athletes.

BodyPatch™ is using a simple combination of Physiology, Chemistry and Computer Vision. All these technologies combined give you the possibility easily and quickly check and track your body nutrient balance*.

Try Scanner Beta

The chemical composition of perspiration varies between individuals. It also depends on what individuals have been eating and drinking, the reason why they're sweating (for example, exercise or fever), how long they have been perspiring, as well as several other factors. The main reason people perspire is that the evaporation water can cool our bodies. That's the reason it makes sense that the main component of perspiration is water. However, perspiration also plays a role in the excretion of toxins and waste products. Sweat is chemically similar to plasma, but certain components are selectively retained or excreted.


At the moment BodyPatch™ provides an analysis of selected nutrients contained in the sweat:

Magnesium Protein production, nerve transmission, muscle contraction Sulfur Protein production Phosphorus Bone and teeth health maintenance, acid-base balance Sodium Fluid balance, nerve transmission, muscle contraction Potassium Fluid balance, nerve transmission, muscle contraction Calcium Bone and teeth health maintenance, nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood clotting Chlorine Fluid balance, stomach acid production Manganese Coenzyme Iron Carries oxygen, assists in energy production Ascorbic Acid Collagen synthesis, antioxidant Chromium Assists insulin in glucose metabolism Fluoride Bone and teeth health maintenance, tooth decay prevent Copper Coenzyme, iron metabolism Zinc Protein and DNA production, wound healing, growth, immune system function Molybdenum Coenzyme Selenium Antioxidant Iodine Thyroid hormone production, growth, metabolism Glucose Hyperglycaemia is the medical term for a high blood sugar (glucose) level. It's a common problem for people with diabetes. Urea High-protein diets may cause abnormally high urea levels. Lactate Associated with lack of oxygen, an increase in lactate can indicate that organs are not functioning properly.

*Test results are recommendatory. For a more accurate examination, please contact your GP.

Join an early waitlist and get a 20% discount


*Terms and conditions apply. Limited Time Only. Discount Applied at Checkout.


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